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Trusted by 60+ brands:


Producing Results for Over 60 Brands

Data doesn’t lie. 100+ million emails sent. $12M+ generated for our clients.

Men’s Accessories Brand Generates $1.3m From Email in 30 Days

Focused on beating projections, we established a 30-day sending strategy for this 8-figure men's accessories brand (wallets, belts, etc.) on Black Friday /Cyber Monday and the holidays – without exhausting their list.

Case Study Men’s Accessories Brand Generates- 1.3m From Email in 30 Days
Case Study D2C Medical Device Company Generates 568k in 90 Days From Flows

D2C Medical Device Company Generates $568k in 90 Days From Flows

Red light therapy is a new and exciting trend in the alt-health niche. It's also expensive and confusing to understand. We helped this brand nurture and educate their audience about the benefits and use cases of their products throughout their flows and campaigns.

Supplement Brand Generates $128k @ 44% Total Revenue in 30 Days

This influencer-led supplement brand wanted to revamp their email marketing and change their brand voice while maintaining their core values and brand image. Safe to say, we knocked it out of the park for them.

Case Study Supplement Brand Generates 128k in 44 Total Revenue in 30 Days

Data Doesn’t Lie


Revenue Generated


Clients Served


Emails Sent


Customer Testimonials

"Matt is very talented and detail oriented. It’s hard to find people who can quickly grasp a brand’s identity and bring it to life. He is also really easy to get a hold of which is great."
Testimonial Carly Under Luna


Founder @ PAX

"Woah man, you knocked these emails out of the park. They look great."
Testimonial Andreas Uglyblocks


Co-founder @ Uglyblocks

"Matthew, these are great! I finally got a chance to look at the emails. I love the flow, language, and all the personalizations."
Testimonial Jennifer PAX


Founder + CEO @ Under Luna

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What Are The 4 Stages of Retention™?

After working with 60+ brands for the last 4+ years - from mighty start-ups to 8-figure giants - we realized that:

1. There's more to retaining your customers than just "email and SMS".

2. Knowing what to focus on and improve isn't as straightforward.

Because of this, brands will often:

Implement strategies that work for one brand, but not for theirs.

Build email flows that don't address the bottlenecks in their business.

Invest lots of time and/or money on high-level strategies or software that are too advanced for their business (and end up flopping).

Try to improve LTV when they actually need more customers (i.e. focus on the wrong things at the wrong time).

The truth is... not all businesses are the same.

The 4 Stages of Retention™

That’s how the 4 Stages of Retention™ came to be. These are the 4 stages of retention we see every eCommerce business roughly goes through – in every industry and vertical. We'll help you determine which stage your business is in and help you progress to the next level.

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Advanced brands never-don't do the basics. We have to lay a solid foundation before we get too technical in the following stages.

This Stage includes:

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Engaging Email Design Templates

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Campaign Management & Reporting

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Core Email Flows

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General Popups


This is where things get technical: Hyper-personalized flows, rigid split testing, SMS, growth plans... everything to take your business to the next level.

This Stage includes:

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Advanced, Hyper-Personalized Flows

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SMS Flows, Campaigns, and Testing

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Leveraging Reviews, UGC, and Referrals

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Growth Plans


Amplifying customer retention by giving customers a reason to come back. Foster loyalty and get more customers from the ones you already have.

This Stage includes:

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Advanced Audience Segmentation

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Personalized Customer Journeys

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Advanced Email Capture

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VIP Flows & Campaigns

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Direct Mail


Customer service is the apex of Experience – and all of retention. Customers who fall in love with your product and brand = predictable growth.

This Stage includes:

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Optimizing Post-Purchase Fulfillment

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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Conversion-Rate Optimization

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Customer Surveys


Examples of Our Work

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The #1 Cat Rule Email
Propr Email
Schaf Email
Welcome to the Plurr-Perfect 
PAX Example Email
Last Chance Email

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Grow fast while increasing profitability

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We have a ton of results!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Kaizen Blitz different to other marketing agencies?

We don't just do email marketing. We don't just do SMS marketing. Many other "retention" agencies just focus on these two areas, because frankly, that's all they know. But we know your business deserves better.

That's why we provide a core focus on one thing: bringing your customers back to buy more.

This includes:

• Detailed reporting for clear, educated decision making and analysis
• Advanced retention plans, maps, and strategies
• List building tactics that beat paid acquisition
• Measuring customer satisfaction scores and improving customer experience
• Much, much more.

Do you offer guarantees/refunds?

To us, email marketing is performance marketing.

That means you should expect to see a return on your email marketing – after discounts, expenses, and service fees – and we do too. If you don't see an additional retention revenue bump from working with us, we'll continue working with you until you do (that means free emails, flows, optimization, etc.).

We're also selective with the brands we worth with. Before taking on any project, we'll not only perform an audit and review on your Klaviyo /Shopify accounts, but your brand as a whole.

This process allows us to not only make sure your business' needs are aligned with the solutions we provide, but also your values are aligned with ours.

How do "The 4 Stages of Retention" work?

After 3-4 years of working with eCommerce brands, we concluded there are 4 retention stages every online business goes through:

1) Foundations
2) Growth
3) Ascendence
4) Experience

We'll perform an audit on your brand and find out which stage you're in. After that, we'll outline what's the best way for your brand to scale up into the following stages based on tested lifecycle marketing solutions (as seen in the "What We Do" section).

If I want to work with The Kaizen Blitz, how soon can I start?

Once you pay the invoice and sign the contract, we’ll get started the same day.

There is a 1 week lead time to perform research, set up flows plans, fix any deliverability issues you may have, and get a design template for your brand.

Once that's finished, we can have campaigns going out a week after you sign with us.

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